SiteSeer Professional Rolls out Location Profiles to Make Model Building Easier

Posted by Lance Blick on May 15, 2018 5:39:23 PM

Introduced this month, location profiles are templates within the SiteSeer Model Builder tool.


This month, SiteSeer Technologies, creator of SiteSeer Professional, a web-based analytics platform that helps companies make data-driven location decisions, has unveiled a solution for clients who want to build models within SiteSeer but want a starting point. Location profiles within the Model Builder tool are templates for many of the most common chain stores in the country.

Tom Kessler, chief information officer at SiteSeer, says that there are hundreds of location profiles available. “Each of SiteSeer’s location profiles is designed to highlight the types of sites that a chain or industry has historically chosen,” says Kessler. “A profile looks at the key consumer demographics and lifestyles, market, and site characteristics specific to the chain. For brokers and developers or emerging chains with little of their own data to build models from, location profiles provide a foundation to find and evaluate potential sites.

Kessler says that SiteSeer Technologies will introduce the Model Builder location profiles at the International Council for Shopping Centers RECon show in Las Vegas May 20-23, 2018. “We are very excited to share this new feature within SiteSeer," he says. "It will immediately enhance the user experience for those who are already building models and those who want to do so but are intimidated or overwhelmed with getting started. Real estate brokers and professionals will appreciate how much time this can save them. Using location profiles can help them find their retail and restaurant chain clients their next great site.”

Model Builder location profiles will be debuted at ICSC RECon Users can stop by the booth (N1124) for a live demo of SiteSeer.

To learn more about SiteSeer Professional and Model Builder’s robust functionality, visit


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