Unified CRE Partners Teams Up with SiteSeer Technologies for Real Estate Analytics Tools

Posted by Lance Blick on May 8, 2020 12:54:08 PM

Unified CRE Partners was founded by real estate veterans who have worked in retail site acquisition, development and leasing over the past two decades—including more than 175 developments in multiple states throughout the Southwest. The company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Bill Finch, principal and co-founder of Unified CRE Partners, says that the firm is eager to use SiteSeer’s analytical tools to bring a data-driven approach to its business decision-making process. “We want more data behind the site and market decisions we make,” says Finch. “When we looked at the SiteSeer tool, we got really excited about the information it helps firms like ours analyze and present. As investors and developers, we want the ability to improve an underperforming site or assess a potential site more thoroughly with the data and science in mind.”

Finch adds that SiteSeer will help them present more educated information when they present ideas to potential tenants and their brokers. “We believe in real estate fundamentals and we’ve noticed an increase in the level of sophisticated analysis in recent years,” he says. “SiteSeer will allow us to pitch great fundamental real estate projects and back them up with meaningful data.”

Sam Lowder, VP of business development for SiteSeer, says that SiteSeer is excited to work with Unified CRE Partners. “The team at Unified CRE cares about doing the best analysis possible to prove out potential deals, and we know they are going to get a lot out of SiteSeer’s tools like Match Score and Void Analysis,” he says. “In today’s market, analysis is important and the firms that are diligent in their analysis are the ones that will thrive. Unified CRE is an excellent example of a developer that wants to focus on quality deals above all. We’re looking forward to seeing how they put the tool to use.”

Learn more about Unified CRE Partners at http://www.unifiedcre.com.

SiteSeer Technologies, LLC, provides a suite of software, professional services, consulting and support for site selection and market analysis. Its flagship Software-as-a-Service, SiteSeer Professional, is a web-based analytics platform that helps businesses make data-driven location decisions with features and tools that include mapping, trade area analysis, demographics, customer analytics, custom reporting, analytics, model building, hot spots, site scorecards and predictive modeling tools. The SiteSeer Professional product suite also includes a real estate analytics tool (Void Analysis Pro with Retail match and Match Score) and a territory management tool (Automated Territory Optimization Model (ATOM)). Learn more at http://www.siteseer.com.

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