SiteSeer Technologies Introduces Winner’s Profiles for Improved Site Selection

Posted by Sam Lowder on Apr 30, 2019 2:16:51 PM

BOISE, ID | April 30, 2019 | – SiteSeer Technologies, the Boise-based creator of retail site selection software, SiteSeer Professional, has rolled out a new feature that helps retailers, restaurant chains and other users identify their success factors in order to create more accurate forecasts.

Winner’s Profiles help SiteSeer users determine what demographic and lifestyle variables, traffic generators and co-tenants, and competitive environments define their best stores. With this knowledge, retailers and other chain business owners can use SiteSeer’s Model Builder to create their own models, or SiteSeer can create models for them.

Tom Kessler, chief information officer of SiteSeer Technologies, explains that Winner’s Profiles allow users to quickly and easily discover the factors that define their best stores, or “winners.” “Our goal is to help retailers, restaurant chains, service businesses and others spend less time building models and more time building successful stores,” says Kessler. “Winner’s Profiles for store analysis is only the beginning.  Later this year, Winner’s Analysis will be expanded to allow chain stores to profile their best customers, most profitable shopping centers, and more.”

In 2018, SiteSeer introduced Model Builder location profiles as a way to make model building simpler and more streamlined. Danielle Yanskey, chief operating officer of SiteSeer, says that Model Builder has received accolades among SiteSeer customers, and Winner’s Profiles make analysis even easier.

“With Winner’s Profiles, SiteSeer users now have the tools to confidently analyze their data, identify key metrics and turn metrics into actionable models,” Yanskey explains. “Winner’s Profiles are ideal for those that want a powerful toolkit for building their own models. Users can now click a button and the software will analyze their data and come back with a list of variables they can pick, or a complete model. Building models in SiteSeer has never been easier.”

SiteSeer will introduce Winner’s Profiles at the International Council for Shopping Centers RECon show in Las Vegas May 19-22, 2019 (booth #N1124).

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