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Posted by Lance Blick on Aug 18, 2021 1:02:57 PM

We’re excited to share some news about a new way to access the power of SiteSeer—a mobile application that is currently in development!

Introducing NaviSites


Our partner NaviRetail has been hard at work creating NaviSites, which will be powered by the SiteSeer engine. NaviRetail is a retail consulting firm that partners with communities across the United States that are looking to expand their retail base. They partner with local governments and economic developers and help them expand their current selection of stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Combining the expertise of NaviRetail with the power of SiteSeer Pro

Casey Kidd, CEO of NaviRetail, shares that the app will guide his team as they work with different markets around the country.

“There isn’t a mobile platform out there right now that combines all of the technologies we’re pulling into this app,” he says. “NaviSites will be a tool that users can access from their phones while in the field, and it is powered by SiteSeer and several other technologies.”

NaviSites will produce maps and reports using a variety of third-party data sources, including parcel data, demographics, mobile data and other types of data available in SiteSeer. This new app will deploy standard reports, themes, and map templates. Users will be able to create maps, do trade area analysis, run reports, run void analysis, do retail match and community match and more—all on the go.

Take a demo of NaviSites at Retail Live! next month

NaviSites will be officially introduced at the Retail Live! conference in September 2021, with demos available. The app will be introduced to a select group of users in spring 2022 and made available to the public via the App store in summer 2022 as a subscription-based platform.

To learn more about this forthcoming app, join NaviRetail in Austin, Texas, at Retail Live! South Central 2021. Contact Casey Kidd at

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