Tips for Creating an Expansion Plan in Today’s Market

Posted by Michaele Charles on Sep 27, 2022 6:30:00 AM

Here’s a scenario we’ve seen a lot here at SiteSeer: an entrepreneur starts a business. Maybe it’s a retail business of some kind—a boutique clothing store, an ice cream shop, a bike shop—or maybe it’s a restaurant.

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Grocers Ready to Grow: You Need an Expansion Plan

Posted by Lance Blick on May 15, 2020 10:46:46 AM

Two months into our global shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and one thing is pretty clear: there are some businesses that are inherently built to withstand a crisis like this one. One such industry: grocery.

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Topics: Smart Retail Growth, Market Research, Capital Planning, Retail Industry, Coronavirus, Grocery

Capital Planning 101: Building New Stores

Posted by Lance Blick on Dec 13, 2018 6:27:00 AM

Last month on the blog, we talked about capital planning that focuses on improving the stores and locations already in your portfolio to ensure they each fulfill their potential. If your capital plans include opening new stores as well, you want to ensure you are making decisions that maximize your returns.

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Topics: Smart Retail Growth, Capital Planning, Building New Locations, Retail Industry, Market Potential

Capital Planning 101: Improving the Stores You Have

Posted by Lance Blick on Nov 27, 2018 12:51:49 PM

Many businesses trying to grow the smart way recognize that capital planning involves an analysis of both short- and long-term needs and goals before they decide where their dollars are best spent. Regardless of how you plan your budget, your goal, of course, is to boost revenue. The question is: what capital expenditures are most likely to make that happen?

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Topics: Smart Retail Growth, Capital Planning, Improving Store Locations, Retail Industry

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