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Posted by Lance Blick on Aug 9, 2021 8:51:23 AM

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Whether you’re a commercial real estate developer or a retailer trying to figure out where to locate, researching real estate for many begins on a county assessor’s website. But our data partner, ReportAll, makes that process much easier by compiling parcel data from all across the country. SiteSeer obtains ReportAll’s parcel data layer API in our application. So if you want to know who owns a piece of property, how it is shaped, who owns it and more, that information is easily accessible within SiteSeer Pro.

We wanted to learn more about ReportAll’s breakthrough approach to assembling parcel data, so we sat down with Paul Keppel, business development director. Learn more about this data source:

Give us the elevator pitch on what ReportAll data is.

Every county in the United States compiles parcel data totally differently, so for real estate professionals or retailers researching properties, it can be very time consuming to go to each and every county website to pull maps and get details about properties in every county they’re looking. We collect parcel data from 3,161 counties, including property lines, land boundaries, property owner, physical address, mailing address and lots of other property attributes for over 155.2 million parcels in the United States. Our coverage is 98.7% of all property parcels in the U.S. Basically, we import many important parcel attributes from a variety of sources into a single national parcel database to allow for analyses at regional and national levels.

How frequently is this data updated?

Our parcel boundary data are continuously maintained with 90% updated within 12 months and 70% within six months. When we create an update, we update the data parcel polygons and data attributes. The way we serve our data to SiteSeer is through API. When SiteSeer users need information, they stay inside the application and every county they want to look into comes to them in a common format. Data is constantly updated, so it’s current for them.

What’s a typical ReportAll USA user?

Typically, the user of our data is someone in the real estate division. So that might include energy companies looking at sustainable energy development site selection or telecommunications companies identifying optimal siting. In the case of SiteSeer users, it’s those interested in doing site selection analysis/retail site selection analysis. When you’re selecting a site for retail, there are many different factors that come into play to narrow down to a location, but once you have a vicinity, you need to know details about properties in an area. If you’re looking at a building, you might want to know who to contact to learn about leasing and uncover everything about parking lot ingress and egress, the shape of the property, and how the buildings on a property fit together. Or if you’re looking at building from the ground up, you might want to know who to talk to about purchasing that land. Our data lets people know all that and allows reverse searching to find every property that meets certain parameters.

What’s great about your data?

There are other parcel data sources out there, but none are as complete. They might be missing owner names or lots of details. So, for SiteSeer users, our parcel polygon layer comes in really useful when it is layered with things like demographics and topography. That’s what is nice about SiteSeer. A user can combine this type of data with several other types of data to get a complete picture about a site. It’s all accessible in one tool. So, if you’re a national chain, you can use SiteSeer to research any site or area in the United States. SiteSeer has made it possible for those users to be experts about anywhere in the country.

How long has your company been around?

Real Estate Portal USA was founded in 2006. Initially, we were a regional internet Geographic Information System with spatial, demographic, and CAMA databases, but we soon became a national parcel-based internet mapping portal.

Learn more about ReportAll USA by visiting

To learn more about ReportAll parcel data within the SiteSeer platform, contact us!

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