All SiteSeer Users Now Have Free Mobile Activity Dataset

Posted by Lance Blick on May 31, 2023 5:00:00 AM

Visitor densityAs you've heard before, mobile phone data gives valuable intelligence about the quantity and types of visitors that are frequenting your business and other retail or chain businesses, shopper behaviors and travel patterns, and much more.

This type of data about visitors to your business is obviously valuable. It helps you compare locations, build accurate trade areas, evaluate competition and estimate the potential of sites . When used in combination with the other data sources and tools within SiteSeer, mobile activity data allows you to make better, more informed site decisions.  

Free visitor data in SiteSeer

We’re very excited to share that all SiteSeer users now have access to a free dataset of mobile activity data (from PlaceIQ, now part of Precisely) in the platform. We call this the Visit module, and here's what users of the free Visit layer get access to:

  • Visitor data for the last 30 days (about an entered location)
  • Basic reports
  • Map view of visitor neighborhoods
  • Compare properties dashboard that lets users view visits (weekly trend), visits by day of the week, visits by hour of the day, median distance traveled, average, weekly frequency, median dwell time and visited chains
Note that SiteSeer subscribers who already have access to the Premium version of Visitors will see no change. 

Try the Visit module for free before upgrading to the Premium version 

If you’re interested in the benefits of mobile activity data and how it can improve your location intelligence in SiteSeer, now is your opportunity to try out this data for free. If you like the insights that Visitors offers but want even more, you can upgrade your subscription plan. Premium Visitors offers: 

  • Historical visitor data (last 3, 6, 12 or 24 months, YTD, last year, or at different points during COVID)
  • Premium reports
  • Filtering by top properties visited, properties by category, properties by chain/name, low confidence properties, unclassified properties, and last 30 days
  • Trade areas (convert a property to a site and visitor fit a trade area)
  • Map views (by daytime location, daytime heat map, by blockgroup themes, visitor penetration themes, etc.)
  • More ways to compare properties - by zip code, by city, national ranking, state ranking, market (DMA) ranking
  • The ability to benchmark properties by visits (weekly, daily, hourly, demographics), median distance traveled, average weekly frequency, median dwell time, other visited chains, rankings, top locations for a chain, and more.

Understand customer visitation

Foot traffic data can help SiteSeer users enhance their retail site selection analysis. If you're a growing retail chain or other multi-site business, you'll be able to find geographical areas with high potential for expansion and create better trade areas.

Check out the Visit module in SiteSeer today!

Visit tab in SiteSeer

Questions about mobile activity data? Contact our support team! 

Contact SiteSeer support 

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