Using Data to Focus on the Most Important Aspects of Your Business

Posted by Lance Blick on Dec 27, 2017 5:00:00 AM


For several years, some of the most sophisticated, fastest-growing retailers and restaurant chains in the market have been using cutting-edge data analysis to discover actionable insights about their customers, brand, and competitors. Specifically, we’re talking about mobile behavioral data, which has the power to provide companies everywhere highly intelligent business insights.

In the last year or two, adoption of this type of data usage has increased significantly, says Doug Shaddle of UberMedia, provider of high-quality mobile data solutions. Since 2015, SiteSeer has worked with UberMedia to use its location data, Vista. UberMedia describes Vista as “an intelligent blend of always-on and foreground location data.”

Vista data is collected from mobile phone users who have agreed to enable and share their location information. That anonymized data plus UberMedia’s proprietary technology generates a wealth of information. There are many different data Vista users have access to, including such items as common evening location, common daytime location, path-to-purchase, optimal geospaces and pulse demographics data. The benefit of having access to this kind of data? You can learn a lot about who your customers are and where they spend their time.

Valuable for those without their own customer data as well as those who collect data

For restaurants or retailers without much of their own customer data, mobile location data is a great solution. It’s an innovative way to analyze consumer behavior and where shoppers are coming from, identify high-value retail districts, make smarter site selection decisions, and enhance your trade area forecasts. You can even get data on your competitors’ customer base. Want to know if your competition’s location is affecting your trade area or customer draw? Want to find out whether their trade area is different than yours? All of this is available to you through Vista. Other benefits:

  • Vista data is highly accurate so you can analyze customer behavior for both large locations like a mall, or small sites like an in-line retailer.
  • You can compare frequent visitors to one-time visitors.
  • You can evaluate specific time periods or seasonality.
  • Vista data is updated daily, which means you have access to highly accurate and timely information.

Access UberMedia data as a layer in SiteSeer

If you’re a retailer, restaurant company, property owner, developer, or municipality with a dedicated research team or you’re a growing organization that needs a ready-to-use platform that uses the highly accurate Vista mobile behavioral data, you’re in luck. A platform like SiteSeer makes it easy to access and analyze this latest data technology. As a partner of UberMedia, we can help you get answers to your burning questions about your customers, help you develop customized reports, and even do the analytics for you.


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