[Webinar] What Are Data Queries and How Can You Use Them in Your Location Analysis?

Posted by Lance Blick on Jun 18, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Discover data queries in SiteSeer

SiteSeer users, listen up: if you want to answer questions about your stores or locations, such as…

  • Which of my stores has the highest competition?
  • Which counties in the U.S. have a store similar to mine?
  • Does traffic count correlate with store sales?
  • Which of my grocery locations have a pharmacy nearby?
  • Which of my restaurant locations have a hotel nearby?
  • Which of my stores has the lowest competition?

…then you need to test out SiteSeer’s Data Queries function.

Did you catch our recent webinar?

On June 16, 2021, our very own Tom Kessler and Lance Blick delivered a great webinar, All About Data Queries. They discussed how to extract data for further analysis out of the SiteSeer platform and how to dig deep into your stores and their performance.

If you missed it, here’s a quick recap—but make sure to contact us for a replay too!

Further analysis in SiteSeer is now available

If you’re a SiteSeer users already, you know that until now, you’ve been able to do ad hoc analysis inside of SiteSeer using features like the scoop tool, models or dashboards. You’ve also been able to create and run reports when you want to come up with something more presentable (for a site package, for example) or need to build a certain report that you can run repeatedly.

But we heard the cry for a third option and came up with the Data Queries option, which lets you perform ad hoc analysis with the power and flexibility of a full report.

What do Data Queries do for you?

Lots of things!

  • You can choose the data you need and download it for further analysis in Excel, Tableau, statistics software or your company’s business intelligence systems.
  • You can pull data from any of your data sources and the third party data sources you subscribe to and save it to run whenever you wish, but they’re EASY to create (unlike reports, which are more time consuming and involved).
  • You can run large queries without the system getting bogged down. That way, you can continue using SiteSeer or log out of the software and SiteSeer will notify you when your data is ready.
  • You can determine the right metrics for your Scorecard or Analog Model in Model Builder.

If you are new to Data Queries, contact us for a replay of our All About Data Queries webinar or watch the Data Query tutorial in the SiteSeer help menu! We look forward to hearing how you put this new function to work.

Request the Data Queries webinar

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