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Posted by Lance Blick on Oct 27, 2020 5:45:00 AM

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If you considered SiteSeer a while ago but haven’t taken a demo lately (especially since our release of SiteSeer 3.0 in June 2020), it’s time for another look.

The new-and-improved SiteSeer just keeps getting better and better. We take pride in helping our clients make smarter site selection decisions and plan markets with data, not guesswork. From the start, our goal was to create a platform that is powerful, but easy to use…robust enough for super users, yet accessible for those who want to create maps and reports.

These days, SiteSeer offers all that plus a modern interface that is quick and intuitive. The user experience is one of our highest priorities, but that doesn’t mean we’ve shortchanged functionality. SiteSeer’s latest release unveiled these exciting changes:

Data visualization

SiteSeer is a map-centric product, but users can now display and share data through dashboards, charts and analysis functionality.

More ways to utilize consumer data to make better real estate decisions

Along with our improvements in data visualization, we now have features to unleash the power of consumer mobile phone data.

Better layer control

SiteSeer users now have a better layer control menu with more control over map layers.

New and existing partnerships

We continue to have conversations with new and established data providers to find data sources that will enhance your experience. New and improved data includes consumer mobile location data from UberMedia, behavioral data, detailed traffic counts, parcel data and much more.

Cutting-edge models

As our data has evolved, so have our methods. From the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science to improvements to proven statistical techniques, SiteSeer continually strives for increase accuracy, efficiency and transparency.

SiteSeer Pro has offered unlimited access to our real estate analytics tool, Void Analysis, from the start, but we offer even more tools for real estate professionals, such as:

  • Retail Match, which allows you to search millions of retail locations and their trade area profiles to find locations that are similar to a site you already have that is successful.
  • Site Scorecards, an excellent way to evaluate sites, either by choosing location profile templates for hundreds of existing retail and chain businesses or creating your own with your own metrics.
  • Model Builder, which lets you create your own site screening tools using your own KPIs.
  • Site Selection Hotspot, a great way to visualize the results of your models on a map (and see markets worth pursuing).

This is certainly just a sampling of everything that SiteSeer has to offer to retailers, restaurant chains, other chain businesses, franchise and service businesses, brokers and developers, communities, and others. But here’s our point:

If you demoed SiteSeer three years ago—or even one year ago—but opted to stick with your current market planning/site selection solution, we invite you to take another peek.

We’re certain you’ll be impressed by the better user experience, the expansive Help Video library that guides you to take advantage of the most advanced (and even the most basic) features of the software, the easy-to-use model functionality (one of our most population features), and much more.

Take a demo, ask your questions

Seeing SiteSeer in action is much easier than reading about it. Let us give you a run through…and here’s some even better news: we’re always listening to our users and trying to find ways to make the software better, more streamlined, and more powerful.

This isn’t your typical demo where we’ll talk about ourselves the whole time. We want you to bring your questions, ask what SiteSeer can do and ask what’s on the horizon. We look forward to having you give us a test drive.

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