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Posted by Lance Blick on Feb 9, 2024 8:00:00 AM

See you at ICSC 2024ICSC 2024 is coming up! The SiteSeer team will be in attendance May 19-21, 2024, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Central Hall, Booth #2887L. We'll share our ICSC calendar in April for scheduling meetings or demos! 

Whether you’re a retailer, chain business, broker, or shopping center developer, we’d love to learn more about your goals and share how SiteSeer Professional site selection and market planning software can help you achieve them!

Tips For Making the Most of ICSC

ICSC is a national event that draws hundreds of vendors, brokers, retailers, and other businesses. Attendees have the chance to learn, discover great solutions that will power their businesses, and network. It’s a very busy two and a half days, so here’s our advice to get the most out of the conference:

  • Prioritize and schedule.

    If you’re planning to attend any of ICSC’s sessions and professional development workshops, it’s a good idea to schedule time with the businesses you don’t want to miss in the Exhibit Hall! Reach out to any customers, colleagues, potential customers, and vendors you hope to catch up with and schedule that time to connect!

  • Research vendors ahead of time.

    ICSC is a great opportunity to browse all kinds of vendors, but it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. It’s best to do a little homework ahead of time. In these next two months, think about the tools, services, and products you’re interested in. Look through the ICSC exhibitors section of the event page and see what companies are worth a look. Browse those companies’ websites and make a list of high-priority ICSC meetings and questions to ask each. It can’t hurt to schedule a demo ahead of time too!

  • Reflect on your priorities and goals. 

    What are your business’s challenges and goals right now? When thinking about a possible solution, be ready to answer the vendor’s questions and be as specific as possible. If you’re in the early stages of looking for a particular product or solution, it is still helpful to arrive at ICSC prepared for meaningful conversations.

Tips for Researching Site Selection Software

Coming to ICSC to learn about site selection software? There are many platforms out there to help your business make intelligent site selection decisions, but it’s important to ask all the right questions. Here are a few to ask as you meet site selection software providers:

  • What are the software’s features?

    Site selection software should help you make intelligent location decisions, but ideally, it can also help you:
    • Visualize opportunities available on maps with your data and third-party licensed data.
    • Create trade areas based on radius or drive time and implement trade area rules.
    • Produce reports and site packets
    • Run void analysis reports to identify retail tenants
    • Create retail recruitment plans
    • Search retail location’s trade area profiles
    • Understand customers
    • Analyze competitors
    • Run retail sales forecasts
    • Build models to choose new sites

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  • Do you have a variety of data options?

    Site selection software is powered by data—both your internal company data and third-party data. Whatever platform you select, make sure you have access to any data you prefer and are not restricted to the company’s favorites. There is certainly valuable in working with a company that knows a lot about data and can make recommendations about reliable data providers and data types that suit your needs. Make sure to ask about this.

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  • What’s your background in retail and retail real estate?

    There’s no replacement for deep experience in the retail real estate industry. Ask what kind of expertise the people behind the site selection software bring to the table. There are many providers in this industry, but not all of them are experienced.

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  • What kind of client support do you offer?

    It’s so important that you can easily reach a person when you need help doing something with the software. What support is included in a software subscription? Be sure to ask about professional services as well. Does the firm have analysts to support you with building forecasts and site screening models?

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See you in May at ICSC!

If you want a powerful platform to help you find the best markets for your business concept, select the right sites, understand your customers, analyze your competition, forecast sales, and more, we’d love to meet with you at ICSC.

Better yet, reach out to us know to discuss your needs and ask any questions you have in mind. Then, we can meet face to face in Las Vegas. Schedule a demo, and stay tuned for our ICSC meeting link. We look forward to connecting.

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