STI: PopStats Annual and Semi-Annual Update Complete

Posted by Tom Kessler on Feb 6, 2023 5:00:00 AM

STI: PopStats

Our annual/semi-annual update of U.S. population data was completed in January 2023.

Our demographic data partner, Synergos Technologies, Inc. (STI) is the creator of STI: PopStats data. PopStats includes current quarter and eight previous quarters of population data in every release, as well as other critical trending data.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We’ve updated Q4 2022 data in SiteSeer, which affects all subscribers on a semi-annual update plan.
  • This also affects annual PopStats data subscribers, whose last update was January 2022.
  • This includes updates to all STI products:
  • STI: PopStats – Demographic data with accurate population estimates
  • STI: LandScape – Lifestyle Segmentation psychographic dataset with 72 lifestyle segments to create customer profiles
  • STI: WorkPlace – Business counts and employee counts

Get Accurate, Current Population Data

SiteSeer subscribers to PopStats data need to capture real population growth in a timely manner. This is very important for everything from forecasting to identifying growth trends to planning markets.

As a retailer or chain business, you need to understand your customers and where they live, work, travel and more. As a real estate broker or shopping center developer, you need to know as much about the residents in a trade area as possible.

Many Data Sources Are Available in SiteSeer

Most SiteSeer users subscribe to multiple data sources and use their own data as well. Our tool is data neutral and can work with any third-party data source you like or offer a suggestion.

Contact us to learn more about our data sources or the latest PopStats update! SiteSeer has many data partners and sources, and we can always make recommendations if you do not have preferred data providers. Reach out to learn more or for questions. 

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