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Posted by Tom Kessler on Jan 16, 2024 8:45:00 AM

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SiteSeer users asked, we delivered! Users can now view a walkability index or walk score when analyzing a location in SiteSeer.

We've created a theme that uses this data, which is available in all schemas in SiteSeer. Users can zoom or pan to any location to view the walkability score of the surrounding neighborhoods. This data can augment any other data you use to make location and market decisions.

About the walkability data

What’s walkability? Put simply, walkability is a measure of how easy it is to walk from a given neighborhood to stores, shops, employers, and more in the area...including your site!

This National Walkability Index data comes from the Environmental Protection Agency and is available at the block group level, a unit of Census geography that is smaller than a Census tract and larger than a Census block.

Every block group in the United States is assigned a National Walkability Index score. The index is based on measures of the built environment that affect the probability of whether people walk as a mode of transportation. Those measures include:

  • Street intersection density
  • Proximity to transit stops
  • Diversity of land uses

The EPA chose these measures for the National Walkability Index because they can be measured using certain variables in the Smart Location Database, like:

  • Intersection density
  • Proximity to transit stops
  • Diversity of land uses, like the mix of employment types and employment and household mix in the block group

Learn more about the National Walkability Index methodology.

View sites' walkability in SiteSeer

If you’re already a SiteSeer user, go to the Layers menu, navigate to Shaded Map Themes and select Walkability Index.

Questions about how to incorporate walkability/walk score into your location analysis? Contact our team for a demo of the SiteSeer platform.

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